"Seeds of Hope" Packets

"Seeds of Hope"  seed packets are at the printers and will soon be available.  This "Seed Packet" can be used for individual scripture memory, given as a gift (they work great for gift baskets) or they can be separated and handed out as individual scripture cards.  They are great to leave on the table at your favorite restaurant or they can be easily mailed to someone who may be in need of a little "Hope".

You can email your order to:  info.sonflowerministries@gmail.com.  Please remember to include your shipping address in your email.

This is the only place you can order these packets as they are not available in stores.   The cost is $3.00 per packet plus shipping charges.  The packets will be sent to you via your choice of:  UPS, FedEx, or USPS.  You will receive an invoice with your packets for payment.

Whether you keep it for yourself or give it away, I know you will enjoy them.  Other packets soon to be released include:  "Seeds of Guidance" and "Seeds of Renewal".

Thank you for helping us spread the good news of Jesus Christ.

Your friends at Sonflower Ministries

Prayers for Japan

The images coming out of Japan are mind boggling.  So much so that they seem like something out of a Hollywood movie instead of real life.  However, real people have lost their lives with thousands more in desperate need of food water and shelter.  Please join us in praying for the people of Japan, that they would know God has not forgotten them and has not deserted them. 

Please join us also in donating to Samaritan's Purse as they assist this devastated country in their hour of need.  Pray as they demonstrate God's love in ministering to their physical needs that Christ will be seen in the midst and spiritual needs will be met. Only God can use this disaster and turn it into a divine display of His love for the people of Japan.

Click on the link below to donate.

Thank You.