A lesson in obedience from my cat

I have a black and white short hair cat named SweetPea.  Usually she stays outside but during these cold winter months I brought her in our garage and set up a small house for her to stay warm.  Every day she sits on my bike (yes, I ride a motorcycle) that is parked in front of the garage window and looks for me to come down the drive.  When I walk in the door there she is sitting and waiting.  Usually she'll automatically come over to me to be fed and petted.  But this day was different.

When I walked into the garage there she was in her place on my bike but this time she didn't come.  I squatted down and called to her ~ "come here SweetPea, come on."  Several times I did this.  She did get down off the bike but instead of coming over to me she scurried around me just out of my reach.  She acted like she didn't know me.  Was afraid of me.  Didn't want to get close to me.  So, after a few minutes I stood up and walked into the house.

Later that night I was thinking about how SweetPea avoided me with her scurrying here and there. Then the Lord reminded me ~ that is exactly what I do when I fret and worry and don't take my cares and troubles to Him.  What happened to SweetPea is the same thing that happens to me when the Lord whispers to me to "come".  SweetPea missed the blessing of being rubbed and petted.  I too miss God's blessings when I run here and there with worry and scurry all around Him but do not draw close to Him.

Matthew 11:28 tells us (Jesus talking) "Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest."

Notice the "M" in "Me" is capitalized.  He doesn't tell us to go to someone else, but to come to Him, and Him only.  When we don't, we miss the blessing.  What blessing?

The blessing of Rest when we are weary, Peace when we are troubled, Stillness when we are hurried
Confidence when we are weak and Wisdom when we are uncertain.

What about you?  Are you scurrying around, not knowing what to do?  Or, are you receiving the blessing when we obey when the Lord whispers ~ "Come"?