He speaks through Her...She Speaks

Ladies, another scholarship is graciously being awarded by
 Ann Voskamp for the Proverbs 31 Ministries
She Speaks Conference.

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A few years ago I had the opportunity to travel back to a place where I had not been in 24 years, my first overseas military assignment; Hahn Air Base, Germany. What I write now is a snapshot of that journey taken from my journal, July 2009.  From my heart to yours...

My ride to Germany ~ Thanks to the
dedicated men and women of the
United States Air Force!
 I can hardly believe it is happening. After 27 years here I am at Charleston AFB manifested on a flight bound for Germany. Now as then I’ve left behind all that is familiar; family, friends, personal belongings, routines and have stepped out of the secure boundaries of my life and headed off on this journey. Now as I sit strapped into a web jump seat inside a military aircraft I wonder ~ how did Jesus feel when the Father came and told Him it was time for Him to embark on His journey? Not one that would parade Him around Heaven in His entire splendor but one that would leave him helpless, vulnerable, a babe in a manger. Did the Father console Him, put His arm around Him and reassure Him? Did He say His good-byes to all His friends? Did Michael and Gabriel stand before Him pledging their allegiance to Him, dressed in full armor prepared for any battle He may call them to just like a true and faithful friend? Did He take one last look around Heaven, and even then get home sick knowing he would be leaving behind all that was familiar? Did He breathe in all the beauty and splendor of Heaven one last time before He surrendered His majesty and radiance to the Father and wrapped Himself in human flesh to come and live among the created? Laying down His majesty and glory He set out on a journey penned according to the Father’s will. A journey that only He could take to fulfill a destiny only perfection could fulfill. Was there a tear in His eye or a pain in His heart ~ maybe, after all He created emotions. Regardless, He freely stepped through the veiled and was born to the visible. Deity clothed in flesh. He knew the purpose and plan of the Father and He would see it to completion until He would come full circle and return to His rightful place ~ seated on the throne of glory at the right hand of God.

I too feel as though I’ve come full circle, returning to a place I knew so well many years ago.

We arrived at Hahn in the early evening. A cold blanket of rain had settled in over the German countryside ~ typical German weather. The base had long since been closed and was now a small airport. Many of the buildings I was so familiar with had been torn down to make way for parking. Why should I think my building would be any different? But to my surprise as we rounded the curve and drove past the tree line there in the fading sunlight stood my building of long ago. It was beautiful. Strangely my heart swelled with emotion. It was like seeing an old friend. A friend who had been standing patiently in the wings of my life just waiting for me to once again come, pull back the curtain of time and take a look.

The flurry of activity that had once surrounded this building immediately came back to life in my mind. I could see everyone who worked here ~ all present and counted for. How busy we were back then. The base was a bussell of activity ~ everyone hurrying about accomplishing the mission.

But that wasn’t all, there was something more. There was something God was doing in my heart, something I needed and hadn’t been aware of. It was healing, a healing that only God could bring. In those few minutes of time looking back at the past God reminded me of James 4:14 - "For what is your life (Kathy)? It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away.” God’s words to me that life quickly passes and yet there is still work He has for me to do. Reassurance, that He had not forgotten me or left me on a shelf never to be used again. There in that brief moment of time, standing in a parking lot in Germany, God dipped His finger into my heart and began to write into my life another path for my feet to walk, un-furrowed ground to discover, a new journey to begin and mission to accomplish. It was good to be back in this place, to be able to pull back the curtain of time and take a look. But most importantly, to know that God could use an ole country girl like me to do a work for Him.

Time has now passed since my trip back to Germany and with its passing God has unfolded part of that work He had for me ~ teaching His word. To break it down and dig out the gold that is burried in it, and grasp the behind the scene story.  Then, to sow those seeds of His word into the soil of the lives of others.  Like a farmer planting his seeds in hopes of a bountiful harvest seeds of God's word must aslo be sown if souls are to be harvested for God's glory.  In Matthew 28:19~20 Christ commands us to "go" into all the world sowing this gospel seed and teaching of His love and redemption.  That's what my mission is both in the Sunday School class and on this blog.  There is still more to be accomplished, more of His work to be done.  I anxiously await the next step in this journey with Him.

Let me send out a word of encouragement to anyone who may think that God has set them on a shelf and will not use them. Yes, He can and Yes, He will. He doesn’t require that you have a flair for writing, a wonderful singing voice or be a skilled motivational speaker. All He is looking for are those who will make themselves available for His work and will allow Him to be their sufficiency to accomplish it. God does have a work for you.

If you have every felt unusable, unworthy for God’s work or maybe your heart needs healing (as mined did) let me invite you to join us July 22~24 in Concord, NC for the She Speaks Conference. A conference directed by Proverbs 31 Ministries specifically focused on assisting women involved in, or who want to be involved in accomplishing God’s work.

A scholarship for the cost of the conference is graciously being awarded by Ann Voskamp, a keynote speaker for the conference. For details concerning the scholarship click here. Your entry must be posted not later than April 2, 9:00 in the morning, Eastern Standard Time.

I hope to see you there as we open our hearts, pour out the vision of His work in our lives as He pours into our lives a renewed spirit, fresh ideas and new found friends.

Lord, how grateful I am that you are a God who can and will use simple people . Father, I ask you to quicken the spirit of those who think they have no usefulness and give them purpose. Awaken their ears to hear you calling them into your harvest fields, set their eyes on the tasks you have for them and send them out in your strength and in your power.