Happy Father's Day!
You were our living fruit of the spirit.  Holy life lived out and laid down in front of us.  Late night lights reading your Bible in the back room with the wood stove.  Margins filled and a hundred places marked. (Psalm 139)  Road maps placed in each heart and mind so we could find our way home.

Timber felled, logs cut and piled on the truck, tobacco planted, making donuts in the snow in your old red Chevy truck and us all laughing until we cried.  Church on Sunday and Wednesday seated and watching hands folded behind you when the pastor asked " Brother Arthur, would you lead us in prayer?"

On bent knees at bedtime ~ Doug, Randy, Sandy, Diane, Ricky, Greg, Kathy ~ all names called out before God for protection and guidance.  Words that will ring true in my ears for a lifetime. 
A humble man, a humble life spilled out for family and now spilled out and present before God ~  and Mom, Randy and Diane. 
I can't wait to see you again!
The greatest gift I ever had, came from God... I called him Dad!
June 14, 2011

Isaiah: 60:12
For the nation and kingdom which will not
serve you shall perish, And those nations shall
be utterly ruined.

Lord, we thank you for your kindness, mercy and goodness that you have so lovingly poured out on America.  We thank you for our country and the flag that represents the freedom that is founded in her. May she always freely wave over this nation and may we be a nation which remains under God.