Kinship With A Child


They call it "sponsorship" when you give to one of these little ones who are in need.  I call it  "kinship". We can share money toward a problem.  POVERTY.  But, this.  This is "kinship" because you share yourself with a fellow human.     It's a GIVING from your heart of  LOVE and JOY and HOPE.

Don't we all want that?  Someone to share themselves their love with us.
Don't we all need that?  To feel and know that we are loved and have worth.
Isn't that what Christ did ~ gave to us himself.  He bridged the gap from our poverty of sin and offers us the food of salvation for our souls.
Doesn't Jesus want us to do the same?  Be the one who stands in the gap for others ~ just as he did for us.
Aren't we the most like Christ when we give of ourselves to others?

The Challenge:  Here's the challenge to you. Yes you!  To you who read this blog and see it on facebook and twitter or on Google+.  I challenge you to sponsor a child and see how the Lord uses this small act of kindness to enrich your life as you enrich the life of one of these small ones.  Christ doesn't call us to isolation.  To live in our own little worlds with me, myself and I.  No, he calls us to imitation.  To imitate him in service to others.

Click on Compassion International and connect with a child in kinship.

Matthew 25:45 (NLT)
"And he will answer, 'I tell you the truth, when you refused to help the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were refusing to help me.'