From the mouths of babes

Several years back I taught a 5t/6th grade girls Sunday School class.  This particular Sunday the lesson was on Genesis 45:20.  During the lesson one of the girls had something powerful to add. 

The story: Joseph had been in Egypt several years and because of a dream he had interpreted for Pharaoh he was made a ruler over Egypt.  Pharaoh's dream was of a severe famine. Joseph's brothers (who were living in Canaan with their father Israel) were sent to Egypt to purchase food because the famine was also in the land of Canaan. Joseph had recognized his brothers and finally reveled himself to them.

He told his brothers to go back to their father and bring him and their families back to Egypt because there were still 5 years of famine to come.

Genesis 45:20 reads:

"Also do not be concerned about your goods, for the best of all the land of Egypt is yours."  

I told the class that Joseph was telling them...leave your stuff, don't worry about it, don't bring it with you because the best Egypt has of offer is waiting for you. Just come.  Get here as quickly as you can.

Here's is where one of the girls in my class chimed in. The little girl raised her hand and said:    "But Ms. Kathy, I like my stuff."

Wow!! She spoke a truth far beyond her years and it pricked my heart. Isn't what she said the truth for us adults too? We like our "stuff".

Don't we get so busy "taking care of our stuff", "tending to our stuff", "rearranging our stuff:,  "protecting our stuff" (and the list could go on) that it stops us from seeking Christ and His will for our lives.  Our "stuff" gets in the way. 

This little girl made the connection. She understood what Joseph was asking them to do...leave it behind.  But what she failed to recognize was that Joseph was a ruler over all Egypt. What he could give them would be far better that what they currently possessed. 

We do the same thing.  We like our "stuff" and we want to hang on to it.  So with one hand we hold on to "our stuff" while filtering through what God has to offer us with the other hand. Then deciding if we want what He has for us or keep what we currently have. We too fail to recognize that the "stuff" we are hanging on to can not compare to the "good and perfect gifts" the Father has waiting for us. James 1:17 tells us:

"Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning."

Sister, let me tell you something. What God has planned for our lives will far out shine the current "stuff" we have. Where He's sending us...our "stuff" can't go with us. Get rid of it. No matter what "it" may be.  Stop hanging on to the worldly "stuff"  only keeps us in bondage,  and start clinging to the "good gifts" the Lord is sets us free.

The "stuff" the world offers will weigh us down, burden us and keep us off the path the Lord has for us.  But God's "gifts" are meant to enlighten, empower and embolden us to do His will, His way.

I have determined 2022 to be the year I clean out the "stuff" in my life that is keeping me off the path the Lord has for me.  I'm challenging you to do the same! And at the end of the year...our spirit will be lighter and our light will shine brighter for God's glory.

Happy cleaning day!


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